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What is Early Intervention?

Parents choose early intervention therapies because they have been shown to yield benefits both immediate and life-long in areas such as behavior, academic achievement, delinquency and crime, and eventual career attainment.

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TEIS EI Services

For children and families in Pittsburgh and the surrounding areas. TEIS provides a broad range of therapy services under the Federal early intervention program. Our client base is limited to 0-3 year old children.

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Resources for Parents

TEIS strives to give all parents and caregivers the tools, resources, and advice to have a happy, calm, and successful home. Whether you’re a first time parent, a parent of a child with delays, or looking for milestone advice, we’re here to support you.

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Login to Your MyTEIS Portal

For our clients, we offer an easy to use portal to keep track of your appointments, notices, reports, and see the progress made during our sessions with your child. Need to know how to access your portal? Give us a call!

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