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February 20, 2015

Holding Baby During Bottle Feeding

My very first “real job” during college was as an assistant teacher in a child care center. Granted, this was nearly 20 years ago! But it […]
February 26, 2015

Choosing Bottle Nipples

Have you ever played Bingo at a baby shower? One of the first items I always remember to put on my card is “bottles”. What Mom […]
March 4, 2015

Meals Around the Table

We have all heard how important it is to have meals as a family around the table. I couldn’t agree more! It’s wonderful for modeling feeding, […]
March 10, 2015

My Child Won’t Stop Throwing!

Q: As I’m doing the dishes, I get nailed in the back of the head with a block. Ouch! I turn around to see the two-year-old […]