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Don’t Let Your Baby Skip Crawling!

By TEIS Many babies begin to crawl between the ages of 7-10 months. But what if your baby wants to bypass crawling and go straight to walking? Sounds great right? She’s more advanced…or is she? Let’s talk about the importance of crawling and why we do not want young...

How And When To Encourage Utensil Use for Meals

By Annika Zalleck MOT OTR/L TEIS Occupational Therapist Children are always ready to grow up faster than their parents want them to and this is true when it comes to wanting to feed themselves during meals! Older babies and toddlers want to become more independent and...

5 Signs Your Child Will Be Walking Soon

By Katie Shroyer PT, DPT, CBIS TEIS Physical Therapist All children develop and grow at their own rates. Current research gives a range of when typically developing children achieve their gross motor milestones. Baby books and pediatricians will tell you that your...

Keeping Your Active Toddler Busy in Winter

By Audra Sitterly OTD, OTR/L TEIS Occupational Therapist When the weather is below freezing and its too cold, wet, or windy to be outside, it can be a challenge to take your toddler out of the house. Toddlers often have endless amounts of energy that can leave you...

Teaching Your Child to Drink from a Straw Cup

By Maggie Yuhas, MOT, OTR/L TEIS Occupational Therapist Ready to move on from the bottle or sippy cup, but not quite ready for an open cup? Straws can be a great next step, but tricky to introduce. Before transitioning to a straw cup, consider introducing a straw...

What is High Tone and How Does it Affect My Child?

By Katie Shroyer, PT, DPT, CBIS TEIS Physcial Therapist Do you feel like your child’s arms and/or legs are “stiff” or difficult to move when attempting to change her diaper or help her put her clothes on? If so, it is possible that your child has “high tone,” which is...

What is Brain-Based Visual Impairment or CVI?

By Jennifer Smith TEIS Teacher of Students with Visual Impairments How can my child have a visual impairment if the doctor says her eyes are perfect?  On the surface, that seems to be a contradictory statement; a person with a visual impairment and perfect eyes, but...

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July 18th, 3:07 pm


Visit and take the Milestone Meter Quiz to see if your child is reaching their developmental milestones.Share the return on investment for high-quality #ECE programs with your network using these shareable graphics. Download the toolkit here: ... See MoreSee Less

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July 18th, 9:00 am


Does your child 0-3 years of age need Early Intervention services?
Visit and take the Milestone Meter Quiz.
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July 17th, 10:11 pm


The earlier the better to have a positive impact.

www.TEISinc.comNEW RESEARCH—The Perry Preschoolers are all grown up and the impact their high-quality early childhood education had on their adult lives is groundbreaking. Learn about the multi-generation impact here:
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July 16th, 8:58 pm


We have a new date for Dr. Todd Wolynn's time-tested, parent-acclaimed, holy-cow-what-a-difference-that-made Quiet Night Sleep Class!

As always, he promises lots of fun, a whole host of "Jedi sleep tricks" and long, restful nights for parents of kids up to 30 months...
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