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TEIS is on Social Media, Come Join Us!

TEIS is on Social Media-Come Join Us! Do you hang out on Pinterest once the kids are in bed? Looking for info on Tummy Time Activities? Toilet Training? Feeding Challenges? Behaviors such as Biting and Hitting? Crafts? Summer Outdoor Play Activities? Then come check...

Helpful Positioning Tips for your Newborn Baby

Positioning Tips for Your Newborn Baby When babies are in-utero their entire bodies remain in a flexed position with both their legs and their arms pushing against their mother’s uterus as they continue to grow to full term. Once a baby is born we can help babies to...

What To Do When Toddlers Bite

By Tamara Guo, M.Ed TEIS Developmental Specialist Did you just receive that horrifying phone call from your toddler’s day care teacher informing you that “Hailey bit two children today”? Or worse yet, get the call from the center director telling you that if Hailey...

Articulation and Toddlers: What’s Typical?

As therapists we are often asked about the intelligibility of toddlers when they speak. Many parents, understandably, are concerned about whether their child’s speech will be intelligible to others outside their immediate family. We like to reassure parents that they...

Don’t Play Games with Playground Safety

By Playtime is an integral part of a toddler’s development. Once they have mastered crawling and walking, their innate desire is to explore the area around them at their own free will, for it is in this exploration that they develop their...

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August 16th, 10:18 am


If you have a toddler you’ve probably had one of these things happen to you...

Poke My Heart
Here comes trouble 😇
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August 14th, 9:13 am


Wonderful! ❤️

KDKA-TV | CBS Pittsburgh
WALKING MIRACLE: Two-year-old boy with spina bifida beats the odds and learns how to walk, inspiring millions
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